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Josh Dawson

Josh has been training at Victor CrossFit since it started back in 2011. He is CF-L2 certified and has been an active trainer within the Victor CrossFit community since 2014. Prior to discovering CrossFit, Josh was a college level athlete and enjoyed exploring different aspects of fitness through various sports.

Josh’s favorite part about Victor CrossFit is the community. He loves how everyone works together to accomplish their goals on a daily basis. Josh enjoys the competitive nature of CrossFit. Josh’s favorite workouts are “Diane” and “Murph”. He's known for crushing you with a smile during a WOD.


John Bellavia

John has been involved is various sports and fitness programs from his youth through the Army and continuing today. He is CF-L1 certified as well as StrongFirst Kettlebell SFG-1. He is always pushing boundaries and can often be seen swinging from rings or creating a new way to use a Kettlebell.

John loves sharing his athletic passion with friends and family. His favorite workouts are anything involving strict-pullups or Turkish get-ups. John particularly enjoys subjecting his classes to questionable music.


Matthew Braun

Matthew began his fitness journey at a young age working out with his family. One of his favorite memories was doing P90X in the basement with his father. Matthew began CrossFit at 14 and took to it like a fish to water. He is CF-L1 certified.

Matthew enjoys pushing his limits and competing in the CrossFit Open. He finished top 16 in North America as a 17 year old. His favorite workouts are anything with muscle-ups or thrusters (not). Like Samson, does his hair give him his strength? Mom and dad hope not....

Coach Jameson Carr


Jameson Carr

Jameson has always been involved in fitness, it is a large part of his life. From a field athlete in high school and college to working full time in the fitness industry for 5 years Jameson has a wealth of experience. He firmly believes fitness is for everyone.

In his spare time he loves hiking mountains with his dog-Mia and fiancé-Shannon, wood working, working on his truck, or enjoying a crisp beer with some close friends. It isn't uncommon to see Jameson around town with either a sandbag on his back or giant stone on his shoulder. A little crazy is ok..isn't it?

Martin has always been extremely active growing up skateboarding, surfing and playing collegiate football. Once he found CrossFit in 2018 he was hooked and eventually earned his CF-L1 certificate. Martin excels while competing. He has finished in the top 10% of his age group in the CrossFit Open the last two years.


Martin loves being a trainer and an athlete. He also attacks a workout in epic fashion, giving it everything he has got. Martin can often be seen over by the railroad tracks after a challenging workout at times. The area animals love him.


Martin Johnson


Stephanie Richards

Stephanie has many years of CrossFit coaching and athletic experience. She is a CF-L1 coach and accomplished athlete in her own right. Nobody quite gets into coaching a class like Steph. Her athletes love it!

Stephanie enjoys all manner of workouts as well as driving trucks and spending time with her three sons. She can often be seen in the gym pushing sleds or with a barbell in her hands. Fitness and helping others is central to her life. She should be called Magic Man or..ahem..Woman. One minute she is there the next she is gone. Shoutout to Talladega Nights!


Aaron Witter

Aaron was sick and tired of being sick and tired. He started CrossFit several years ago and it has transformed his life. He became a coach and holds numerous qualifications to include CF-L1, CF-weightlifting Burgener Strength and ISSA PT and strength and conditioning.

Aaron most enjoys inspiring others to achieve their true potential. His favorite activity is anything that involves a barbell. A true rig shaker he loves passing along his knowledge to his athletes. Now some may say he is a bit particular. You couldn't tell from his exotic selection of socks and BGM themed workout attire at times....

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